Welcome to this week’s edition of the HogSozzle blog. My name’s Felix and I’m the Sales Manager of HogSozzle. Last year, we road tested the VLP (Very Lazy Pig) for the first time. Note the wording; we did it because as George Orwell once said ‘All pigs are equal, but some are lazier than others’ and so the VLP was born. Personally I’m a big fan of turning up to a festival with very little as Hobbs and Ben of Team Ridiculous will let you know. This is all part of the concept – bring yourself, a couple of bare essentials and that’s it! The VLP team work so you don’t have to, it’s every festival goers dream!

This year, Team Ridiculous all round superstar, Hobbs has put his own luxurious tinge on the VLP, beefing up the package, to enhance your creature comforts and give you the best kip possible. Hobbs does excellent hugs, which unfortunately don’t come with the package, but he’ll give them if you ask nicely 😉

So what actually is VLP?

When each VLP turns up, they will be greeted with;

  • A HogSozzle Weekend Ticket
  • A spacious tent pre-erected by our VLP team (We are pleased to announce NEW and IMPROVED tents for 2016!)
  • A blow up mattress, fully inflated!
  • Sleeping bag and pillow to keep you as snug as a bug!
  • White overalls, face mask and Official HogSozzle sunnies to ensure you are fully prepared for the PIG PAINT FIGHT
  • A crate of beer of cider and more goodies to help you get the party

All this for the bargain basement sum of £175! If you’ve already bought your ticket, you can upgrade to VLP for just £99

And to add the cherry to this Ridiculous cake, you can become an ULTIMATE PIG and we’ll give you all of the above AND we’ll pick you up and drop you off to Finsbury Park for just £199!

So party people, I hope you’re having a beautiful April; we’re all counting down the days to seeing all your pretty faces.

 Bring on HogSozzle 2016!


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