What to expect at Hogsozzle 16’….

It’s time to escape reality and wind back the clock, time to relive your childhood when life was simpler, days brighter and the whole world was your playground! At Hogsozzle this year there is a world of endless possibilities and the Creative team are on a mission to create a weekend of unforgettable fun and absolute ridiculousness! It’s my job to ensure that not only you are well nourished with shenanigans past your wildest dreams, but that there are as many nooks and crannies to explore as possible, each one giving you an insight into the blissful charm of Hogsozzle and other offering you an experience and memory that you will never forget! The Hogsozzle team have been hard at working building installations, curating obscene amounts of organized fun (nothing wrong with that!!) and fitting out a site with as much love and positive energy as possible, all in the name of giving our Sozzlers’ the best time going! So without further ado, here’s a small snippet of all things fun, childish and adventurous for you lot to get your grubby lil’ mits on! 😜

For those of you looking for reignite your inner zen, we have a host of activities and aura enriching, soul penetrating treats to get you connected and happy!
We will be taking a group of runners out for a short jog to explore the beautiful countryside surrounding our glorious festival site, this will be on Saturday morning and more information on this and all the activities below will be clearer when you arrive at the festival!

After the run there will be some time to stretch and bend, but most importantly, we will be hosting a fantabulous class of POWER BALLAD YOGA, yep, you heard it!! Enter the downwards facing dog of amazingness, and get your festival stretch on for some serious vocal mentalness that will leave your body, mind and sparkly soul tingling.

Have you got what it takes to complete the daring and devilish challenges that #TeamRidiculous have a put together? Have you got the balls to stand out from the crowd and enter the world of mystery and intrigue! Course you have, that’s why you’re a HogSozzler! Test your banter and wildest wit in order to be in with a shot at nabbing some seriously magical prizes! Keep an eye out on the Golden Hog for an extra special treat…


Twister just got REAL. Imagine a GIANT TWISTER BOARD, lots of booze, bubbles and a few sneaky tricks up the hosts sleeve! That’s right. You just wet yourself with excitement didn’t you. It’s gonna be insane! We have some epic prizes for the best dressed Twisthletes and fear not, there will be prizes for those who compete naked! (no joke!)


We will have an incredible hula hooping class run a fantabulous crew of festival dons and donnettes from Leeds…The home of circus mastery! That’s right…Tone those bums and tums and feel good about life with this awesome interactive class taking place during the afternoons on Saturday & Sunday!

Join us and the Standup Philosophers for a full fun packed afternoon of jokes, quips, facts, fiction, gaffaws and laughs as 4 of our favourite comics take to the Stage in the Yurt. Not only is it funny, but it’s also factually funny! You might even learn a think or two!

Let’s be honest, no festival is complete without an Arts and Craft area! Bring out the primary school truant in yourself and head on over here and jazz up your wellies with gems, buttons, PVA glue and glitter! Create a beautiful bedazzling love letter to your cherished one, create a giant clay penis, make a mask or even just upcycle a wooden stick into a mythical staff and act out your favourite Game of Thrones Scene. Fuck Winter though. The only thing coming is gonna be you in your pants after all the fun you’ll be having at this table!!



You won’t be able to miss out on these guys as there will be a walk around juggling performance on the festival site…Be sure to be blown away by these top circus performers who have toured the biggest performances in the UK.

You will also enjoy some fire spinning and poi activities to watch as the sun goes down, perhaps you could even get involved and see if you are a born natural!


…..Comedians, Magicians, Puppeteers, Graffiti Artists, Masseuses and that’s just the beginning! 2016 will be a year never to forget! There will be a number of eye opening activities to get stuck into so be sure to explore & involve yourself! We have a select few magical beings that have bucket loads of experience touring the festival circuit, fear not, they will blow your socks off! Keep your eyes peeled for our resident caricature as well, all hands on deck to pimp you up on paper!

Snap happy photographers will catch your glittery smile across the whole festival! Be sure to be on the sparkliest of forms and you never know, you may be the face of our festival next year. OBVS there will be serious HogSozzle points for the best dressed!

That’s it from me and the Creative team here at the Sozzle, long and short…This is gonna be one serious party that you will never forget! Leave your work face at the front door, pack your fun bags and and jump on board for what is going to be one Hogsozzle that you will never forget! For those of you who are still on the fence about whether you are coming or not, surely this has sealed the deal right? Course it has! Get your tickets here: https://hogsozzle.com/tickets/ and see you all in a few sleeps!



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