HogSozzle was born as a HogRoast in a garden in 2009. Just a few friends getting together for the weekend, escaping the real world and celebrating life, music and Hog. Since then, the number of friends coming has grown, but the ethos remains the same – Team Ridiculous are throwing a party for our friends and we’re gonna cook some Hog for us all to enjoy!

Since our first roast many years ago, we have tried a few different things, but now we’ve developed our style and recipe to perfection!

Our preparations for the event begin a week in advance when we will dig a large hole that we will use to build our fire pit. Once the team is happy that the pit is safe, the equipment will be bought in and set up. About 30 hours before the serving time, the hogs are delivered to to site from our friends at a local and ethically run farm. From here, the team will waste no time in lighting the coal fires and trussling the pigs (this involves securing the hog to the spit so that it will not slip when it is turning). The pig will then be placed onto the fire pit and cooked slowly for 24 hours with the team turning every 15 minutes to ensure a thorough cook throughout.After a hard day’s night and once the team are happy that the hog is cooked through, we will allow the pig to sit for an hour before it is carved. After lengthy queues in last years event, this year we will serve for 3 hours, allowing you plenty of time to pick up a bun of delicious pork trimmed with extras that will leave you a satisfied little piggy, ready to dance the night away!

It’s a long slog for us, so we’d love it if you’d come by and say hello during the 24-hour cooking session. We love to MEAT you!


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