Alex TP Fancy Dress

Hello HogSozzlers, its Alex here from the TP Fancy Dress HQ. We’ve been patiently waiting for our first introduction and it’s great to finally meet you all! We have to admit that we are getting pretty excited because the start of the festival is less than a week away!

We love festivals especially when there is a fancy dress theme where everyone can get involved and we think the ‘Childhood Dreams’ theme is awesome. If you haven’t got a costume sorted, you need to get your thinking cap on. The festival holds its very own fancy dress competition and last year’s winners got 2 free tickets to this year’s festival so it’s definitely worth taking part. Plus, it looked like they had a lot of fun!

We couldn’t resist taking a quick peek at last year’s competition pictures and we must say that the winning entry is well deserving. She demonstrated some great role reversal and ruled the circus!

So moving back to this year, we’ve been racking our brains to try and suggest some competition winning fancy dress ideas and we’ve had loads of fun. We suggested Super Mario, everyone’s favourite video game hero, Pirates because it was definitely our favourite fancy dress theme as kids and Spice Girls as who didn’t want to be Geri Halliwell when they were growing up. Last week we suggested Zombies as an alternate take of Childhood Nightmares thinking that a huge zombie invasion would be great fun at a festival. We had visions of recreating every child’s nightmare on a school camping trip sitting around the fire telling Ghost Stories. Finally, did you ever found yourself dreaming of distant galaxies in a land far, far away? It’s worth heading over to here as we think it’s a great take on Cosmic Fancy Dress and it’s a lot of fun wearing space fancy dress.

Anyway it’s time to go but it would be great to see you get involved! How many times a year do you get to be ridiculously creative whilst wondering around a field with mates with a drink in hand? Plus HogSozzler’s can save 10% on all costumes and accessories using the code HOGSOZ10 so there really is no excuse. Catch you again soon on our site.



I am HogSozzle’s Main Stage Manager and self-proclaimed queen of fashion.

It is my duty to ensure that each and every sound that leaves our Main Stage, slides nicely down your lugholes, tickles your giblets and tugs at your party feet.

I love my role.

I love our vibe.

I love our crowd.

Here at HogSozzle, we pride ourselves on showcasing the very best of up and coming talent from all over the UK.

Our back catalogue is hugely diverse, from the face slapping power of Australian Rock and Roll duo The Graveltones to the fresh festival cheekiness of The Turner Brothers. There are just a few simple ingredients required for a HogSozzle Main Stage show – funk, flare and energy.

Regardless of your auditory tendencies – fun is a guarantee.

‘It’s impossible to sit down for more than 7 seconds’ – Dave Wright, Shrewsbury

‘Dave’s always been a fidget’ – Mrs Wright, Shrewsbury

An unquestionable highlight of the Main Stage calendar is the Paint Fight. As the sun begins to set on the festival Sunday, a sea of HogSozzlers flock to the main stage.

Drenched in hazy, happy memories of the weekend past, the HogSozzle crowd are ready for round three – dressed snout to trotter in the whitest of whites; a blank canvas of anticipation. The moment the beat drops, the paint begins to fly and the HogSozzle crowd become one – exhilarated, electric, euphoric!

So what should you expect for HogSozzle 2016?

The lineup this year is incredible. We have linked up with some of the most talented up and coming artists that this nation has to offer. I promise you delicious soul, jumping funk and dirty bass.  I guarantee toe tapping and head nodding, and most of you will feel a huge urge to get up and dance like nobody’s watching! The Main Stage is one big weekend-long party, to celebrate music and celebrate our awesome HogSozzlers!

Of course, the Paint Fight will be bigger, it will bolder, more epic and brighter than ever!

I cannot wait to get this party started.

I’m not known to be shy, but if you happen to be one of the two people that I don’t speak to [shout at] over the course of the weekend, come and see me for a hug and a jig, I’ll be the one by the Main Stage covered head to toe in elegance.





Tommy K here! I might be one of the more familiar names as I’m the one emailing you frantically telling you what the hell it is we actually do in the PigPen! That being said you probably don’t know who I am or what the K even stands for?! That’s just one of life’s little mysteries…

I tend to help out all the Sales, Web and Marketing teams but everyone lends a hand when we need it. I love what I do, I get to think up cool Hogisms (HasselHog is my personal fav) and then try to tell you all about what we’re up to.

So what kind of things have I done for the merry Sozzle? Well last week I made HogBot, our resident Hogsozzle AI. You can talk to him, or more like you could talk to him until he ran out of funds. Now he says nothing the cheeky schwein! You could text it anything and it will send you back a Hogism, the time, the way to HogSozzle or even just tell you to “Get ridiculous!” I have a vision that HogBot will one day be able to guide you to our illustrious venue by only referencing turn signals or junction names by Pork Related interjections. Unfortunately, this has not materialised just yet.

This year I’ve taken a pretty active role in the new music stages. I for one am a bit of an alternative music fan, quite happy to listen to a head-bleeding grindcore ensemble or a string quartet rocking out to Chopin! This year I’m proud to have lined up some of my favourite artists including:

– The Golden Egg crew from Manchester’s deep Hip-Hop roots who will bring the Norfern twang;

– The DTND Crew which have created their own unique bass thumping Drum & Bass 170 bpm rhythms that will be sure to wobble the tent like jelly; and

– The SunnySide Up boys, again egg related, who will be playing soul and funk and disco.

I also started strong with the best act of the show, Me! I have prepared a 2h journey of a set through the realms of bass for all you 'Sozzlers on Friday night.

It’s been a long hard slog but I wouldn’t change it, or the team I work with, for the world. We’re one big squealing bunch of reprobates, and someone said we could throw a massive party for all you lot. Well that’s what we’re gonna do!

It is now mid-January and the planning stage of HogSozzle is well under way but I am sat in a small cantina in Mexico some five thousand miles away. So it really begs the question….

What does it take to organise a festival with a team normally spread over five cities and currently over two continents?

You have to have a strong bond and a good mutual understanding. Without this, it would never work. As it goes, the large majority of us have lived and grown together for the last ten years. We all met at university and have been hanging out and getting Ridiculous ever since. As a result, we understand each others strengths and weaknesses and  support each other both personally and professionally. It is a rare treat to be able to work with such a large group of friends in this way.

We share a passion for creating something amazing for you to enjoy. We have to because for everyone involved this is a secondary job. Although everyone is a full-time member of Team Ridiculous we can only commit to HogSozzle part-time. This means spending any free hours we have on it. There has to be a real drive otherwise it would never get done and particularly to the incredible standard that it is. Full credit has to go to Dan, the Head Hog, who started this project seven years ago, but everyone who has joined has the same drive, passion and self-motivation to create something amazing

I joined the HogSozzle party late from an organisation perspective. It was already in it’s second year. But with nine years catering experience behind me at that point, and seven years involvement in running events and festivals, it was natural for me to take over the Hog Team, freeing up people to focus on other areas. I now logistically run the major features of the weekend, the Hog Roast and the Paint Fight, and work closely with Anand – the Creative Director – on the aesthetics of the whole weekend. I love being behind the scenes, making sure everything’s where it should be and the whole show  runs smoothly. If you can’t see the work involved on the day itself then it means my job’s being done properly.




What I love the most about HogSozzle is its incredible intimacy. There’s a lot going on in a small space and it’s overflowing with positive energy. You’re never far from a friend at HogSozzle…in so many ways.

My favourite moment of the weekend is watching the paint fight unfold. Personally, a lot of time and energy goes into in and seeing it all play out smoothly is the reward. Furthermore, for me, festivals are about community, shared joy and shared experiences. Nowhere is this more tangible that during the paint fight. The energy and excitement are infectious and your involvement is very literally and proudly painted over you for everyone to see.

My favourite HogSozzle memory is sneaking onto the main stage first thing and kicking the day off for everyone playing one of my favourite tracks. It was a cheeky move but it paid off, people loved it. Watch out for more of the same this year. You’ll know it when you hear it… 😉


What I am most looking forward to seeing this year is what people make of the theme we’ve pulled together for you. There’s so much scope for creativity and imagination. I’m expecting to see some epic fancy dress. The whole weekend is going to be incredible.

P.s. The music we’ve got for the paint fight is going to blow you away! Start getting excited…

That’s it for now, folks. There’s work to be done.

Stay Beautiful and I’ll see you at the ‘Sozzle! 🙂

Much love,



HogSozzle was born as a HogRoast in a garden in 2009. Just a few friends getting together for the weekend, escaping the real world and celebrating life, music and Hog. Since then, the number of friends coming has grown, but the ethos remains the same – Team Ridiculous are throwing a party for our friends and we’re gonna cook some Hog for us all to enjoy!

Since our first roast many years ago, we have tried a few different things, but now we’ve developed our style and recipe to perfection!

Our preparations for the event begin a week in advance when we will dig a large hole that we will use to build our fire pit. Once the team is happy that the pit is safe, the equipment will be bought in and set up. About 30 hours before the serving time, the hogs are delivered to to site from our friends at a local and ethically run farm. From here, the team will waste no time in lighting the coal fires and trussling the pigs (this involves securing the hog to the spit so that it will not slip when it is turning). The pig will then be placed onto the fire pit and cooked slowly for 24 hours with the team turning every 15 minutes to ensure a thorough cook throughout.After a hard day’s night and once the team are happy that the hog is cooked through, we will allow the pig to sit for an hour before it is carved. After lengthy queues in last years event, this year we will serve for 3 hours, allowing you plenty of time to pick up a bun of delicious pork trimmed with extras that will leave you a satisfied little piggy, ready to dance the night away!

It’s a long slog for us, so we’d love it if you’d come by and say hello during the 24-hour cooking session. We love to MEAT you!