We are the music makers and we are the dreamer of dreamsWilly Wonka

As adults, we’ve been forced into a world of deadlines, responsibility and practicality where money and jobs dictate how we live, breathe, and experience the world…

Well not for much longer! It’s time to escape reality and wind back the clock. Relive your childhood when life was simpler, days brighter and the whole world was your playground. Come with us on an adventure as we fight pirates, chase dragons and go in search of hidden treasures!

Fancy Dress Spaceman

Fancy Dress Batman

Through the eyes of a child, the mundane becomes magical, the pedestrian, fantastical and the everyday, out-of-this-world….So unpack your toys, dig out your fancy dress box and join us at HogSozzle as we enter a world of timeless magic, limitless possibility and unbridled creativity.

Think like a child and dream bigger than your wildest dreams!


As Oscar Wilde once said,

“Life’s far too important to be taken seriously”

So, let your imagination run free and reach for the stars, as anything that symbolises your childhood goes! Come join us at Hogsozzle for an adventure that never ends.



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