One small, funky step for man, one giant, disco leap for HogKind


And, with those immortal words ringing in our ears, we lift off. Defying both gravity and the laws of nature, we’re leaving the terrestrial behind and taking HogSozzle on an unforgettable adventure: through space, and back in time.

So fire up the engines and set the dial to ‘funky’. Our intergalactic voyage is taking us forty years into the past, and back to the golden age of disco. We’re taking the groovy beats and the far out dance moves, the throwback fashion and the old-school bling, the shameless hedonism and absolute escapism, and we’re taking them out-of-this-world on a superstellar mission

We’re entering a realm where the limitless possibilities of space meet the glamorous decadence of disco….A realm where Soul Train meets space ships, Barry White meets Red Dwarf and Jackson 5 meets Apollo 11. We’re talking ABBA and NASA, moon boots and jump suits; Boogie Nights and the Northern Lights, Star Wars and multi-funkin’-coloured dance floors.

So my little Hog-monauts, my Space Cowboys: Dress with your limitless ambitions, impress with your lunar lunges and sparkle in gems brighter than the stars in the night sky. Glitter up, glam up and climb aboard. Join us as we get spaced out, reach for the stars and embrace our inner-Disco at the Greatest Party the World has Never Seen!

Join us at HogSozzle’s ‘Cosmic Disco’

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