I am HogSozzle’s Main Stage Manager and self-proclaimed queen of fashion.

It is my duty to ensure that each and every sound that leaves our Main Stage, slides nicely down your lugholes, tickles your giblets and tugs at your party feet.

I love my role.

I love our vibe.

I love our crowd.

Here at HogSozzle, we pride ourselves on showcasing the very best of up and coming talent from all over the UK.

Our back catalogue is hugely diverse, from the face slapping power of Australian Rock and Roll duo The Graveltones to the fresh festival cheekiness of The Turner Brothers. There are just a few simple ingredients required for a HogSozzle Main Stage show – funk, flare and energy.

Regardless of your auditory tendencies – fun is a guarantee.

‘It’s impossible to sit down for more than 7 seconds’ – Dave Wright, Shrewsbury

‘Dave’s always been a fidget’ – Mrs Wright, Shrewsbury

An unquestionable highlight of the Main Stage calendar is the Paint Fight. As the sun begins to set on the festival Sunday, a sea of HogSozzlers flock to the main stage.

Drenched in hazy, happy memories of the weekend past, the HogSozzle crowd are ready for round three – dressed snout to trotter in the whitest of whites; a blank canvas of anticipation. The moment the beat drops, the paint begins to fly and the HogSozzle crowd become one – exhilarated, electric, euphoric!

So what should you expect for HogSozzle 2016?

The lineup this year is incredible. We have linked up with some of the most talented up and coming artists that this nation has to offer. I promise you delicious soul, jumping funk and dirty bass.  I guarantee toe tapping and head nodding, and most of you will feel a huge urge to get up and dance like nobody’s watching! The Main Stage is one big weekend-long party, to celebrate music and celebrate our awesome HogSozzlers!

Of course, the Paint Fight will be bigger, it will bolder, more epic and brighter than ever!

I cannot wait to get this party started.

I’m not known to be shy, but if you happen to be one of the two people that I don’t speak to [shout at] over the course of the weekend, come and see me for a hug and a jig, I’ll be the one by the Main Stage covered head to toe in elegance.





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