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What part do you play in the world of HogSozzle?

I co-organise the ‘Hog Pit’ area. This includes cooking the hogs, and being on the band selection committee, plus anything else that’s needed from any of my lovely ‘Team Ridiculous’ friends 🙂

A culinary wizard, well that’s crackling! Now share your most ridiculous HogSozzle story with the world. We don’t judge, but we do tell porky pies… 

There are so many… err… one year a girl ran up behind me, jumped me, kissed me and then took stock of what had happened to the words of ‘Sh*t… sorry… you’re not Ant’, to which I replied: ‘No, no I’m not, welcome to Hogsozzle!’

A classic case of mistaken identity! So 12-Boar, as you’re very much aware, the Hog is an important part of the HogSozzle experience, but when you’re not tucking into a tasty hog roast, what’s your favourite pork-based snack?

Hard question, but trotter to head I would have to say a good old Bacon sandwich – great at any time, truly universal sandwich. ‘Would you like some of my leftover bacon?’ said no one… ever!

We’re sure your source is absolutely accurate… Of course, the Sozzle is also a sacred element of the festival. Do you have a favourite drinking game?

21 with International Drinking Rules.

Any-hog, it’s no secret that we’re big pig fans, but we welcome all livestock here at HogSozzle. What’s your favourite farmyard animal and why?

The Unicorn, because they are so majestic and all of the other farm animals are jealous.

Finally, the Comedy Tent went down a treat last year, and it will be back to tickle many a rib in May 2014. Hit us with your best lame joke! 

Two fish in a tank, one turns to the other and says: ‘Who’s driving’?

*Canned laughter*

The best marine-themed joke we’ve heard all weekend! 






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