Every few weeks we’ll be introducing you to another member of Team Ridiculous. They’re a busy bunch, so when we say ‘introducing’, we mean we’ll be pinning them down and picking their piggy brains about all things HogSozzle! Up next is Gaz.

What part do you play in the world of HogSozzle?

I’m ‘in charge’ of the Main Stage. This involves everything from booking bands and organising the line-up to entertaining the bands backstage and passing out in the VIP area (all part of the job!).

I’m also the self-titled HogSozzle ‘Queen of Fashion’.

That’s one heck of a lot of responsibility – we’ll bet you’ve got some corking festival tales. Share your most ridiculous HogSozzle story with the world. We don’t judge, but we do tell porky pies…

As everyone will tell you, there are so many!

A particular giggly moment from last year was when Mr Tim Rial approached me complaining to have ‘super sore feet’. In our obviously sober states, it took us half an hour to realise he’d been wearing Tamsin’s size 5 wellies for an entire 14 hour dance session… Tim’s feet are size 10.

I giggled… Tim cried… and then we kissed.

I still don’t understand how he got them on!

Poor old Tim! We hope he’s invested in some appropriately-sized wellies as we take foot welfare very seriously here at HogSozzle.

We also take The Hog very seriously – it’s an important part of the HogSozzle experience, but when you’re not tucking into a tasty hog roast, what’s your favourite pork-based snack?

Pork Belly – I’m not an idiot!

Good answer! Equally, the Sozzle is a sacred element of the festival. Do you have a favourite drinking game?

Charades, The Ridicul-a-patch or Dictionary Wars.

(Ask me at HogSozzle 2014 for a demonstration of any of the above).  

Deal! It’s no secret that we’re big pig fans, but we welcome all livestock here at HogSozzle. What’s your favourite farmyard animal and why?

The Rooster. That bloke has the whole wardrobe thing totally nailed.

The King of the farm certainly knows how to dress, no arguments there.

Finally, the Comedy Tent went down a treat last year, and it will be back to tickle many a (BBQ) rib in May 2014. Hit us with your best lame joke!

What is yellow on the inside and green on the outside?

We’re stumped…

A banana dressed up as a cucumber!

Of course, it’s so obvious now! We’ll see you on the dance floor, Gaz. 

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