What part do you play in the world of HogSozzle young man?

I’m responsible for our online marketing presence, a bit of the legal side and generally sticking my oar in (not sure if it’s wanted).  I also like to dance for lengthy periods of time.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing the Pig Jig, Pork Walk and Swine Dance at this year’s HogSozzle. 

What inspired you to join this ridiculous herd of rascals?

Team Ridiculous, whilst rascals, are also a fantastic bunch.  Some are friends or friends of friends, but we all share the same reasons for being here and putting on the festival.  That is getting ridiculous, escaping reality for a long weekend and being amongst sound, like-minded people who are all here to have an EPIC time.  I’m really behind HogSozzle, get what it’s about and really wanted to be a part of it (not just as an attendee).  I also love meat.

Share your silliest HogSozzle story with the world. We don’t judge, but we do tell porky pies…

I bumped into one of the people on one of my post-grad courses from a few years back, and instead of having a good catch up and chit-chat, I was so Sozzled I managed to say about three words before having to run off because I couldn’t speak!


Trotters crossed that you can manage a whole sentence this year!

The Hog is an important part of the HogSozzle experience, but when you’re not tucking into a tasty hog roast, what’s your favourite pork-based snack?

Pork scratchings. Oh my days, they are a necessary evil in my life.  So right (yet so wrong)…

We whole-heartedly agree, Kyle. Equally, the Sozzle is a sacred element of the festival. Do you have a favourite drinking game?

I’ve always been a fan of “drink with [insert TV show, sporting event or anything on TV for that matter]”.  Particularly “drinking rugby”.  You pick a shirt number from the hat and there are certain rules/punishments depending on what that player does during the game.  Trust me, you don’t want the hooker or the fly half (unless you’re a glutton for punishment).

We certainly are. It’s also no secret that we’re big pig fans, but we do welcome all livestock here at HogSozzle. What’s your favourite farmyard animal and why?

My favourite would have to be the lamb.  Not only full of energy, fun and loves to have a frolic in the fields (like all HogSozzlers), but damn tasty too.

Finally, the Comedy Tent went down a treat last year, and it will be back to tickle many a (BBQ) rib in May 2014. Hit us with your best lame joke!

Two sausages in a pan, one says “jeez it’s bloody hot in here”. The other says “F**k me! A talking sausage!”.

*Canned laughter*

A pork-flavoured joke of this calibre deserves a round of applause. 




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