Every few weeks we’ll be introducing you to another member of Team Ridiculous. They’re a busy bunch, so when we say ‘introducing’, we mean we’ll be pinning them down and picking their piggy brains about all things HogSozzle! Up next is Nicola (aka NicNak!).

What part do you play in the world of HogSozzle?

I’m responsible for the legal (boring) side of things as well as organising the weekly ‘to do list’/event rota and generally bossing the team about. I’ll be seen on site with my earpiece and clipboard (yes I have OCD!) and will be the one that the rest of the team are hiding from (the little rascals!).

I will also feature at the bar drinking its entire stock of Rose Wine.

That sounds like a mighty plan. So, what inspired you to join this ridiculous herd of ‘little rascals’?

Definitely not the people who form Team Ridiculous (only joking!). They really are a lovely bunch of munchkins with the same outlook and intentions for the festival – to make it ridiculous and an extremely fun place to be with like-minded people!!!

I love the festival, really wanted to be part of what it’s about and get involved in such a great event.

Seeing everyone have a ridiculously epic time will be so rewarding.

Share your silliest HogSozzle story with the world. We don’t judge, but we may tell porky pies…

Erm…there are many, but I’d say that crawling through a muddy field pretending to be a pig whilst rather sozzled springs to mind…

We very much appreciate the pig play. After all, The Hog is an important part of the HogSozzle experience, but when you’re not tucking into a tasty hog roast, what’s your favourite pork-based snack?

Bacon. Enough said.

Of course! Equally, the Sozzle is a sacred element of the festival. Do you have a favourite drinking game?

‘Never Have I Ever’ is always amusing.

And often risky amongst new acquaintances…

It’s no secret that we’re big pig fans (we may have mentioned this), but we welcome all livestock here at HogSozzle. What’s your favourite farmyard animal and why?


Did you know:

  • There are more chickens on earth than there are people – over three billion in china alone!
  • Chickens are the closest living relative of the tyrannosaur.
  • If you have a fear of chickens you may be Alektorophobic.

Some nifty nuggets of trivia there, NicNak. They’re bound to come up on a pub quiz one day! 

Finally, the Comedy Tent went down a treat last year, and it will be back to tickle many a (BBQ) rib in May 2014. Hit us with your best lame joke!

Why didn’t the piglets listen to their father?
Because he was a boar.


What kind of tie do pigs wear?
A pigstie.


What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror?


*Canned laughter*

A triple whammy of funny!

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