Tommy K here! I might be one of the more familiar names as I’m the one emailing you frantically telling you what the hell it is we actually do in the PigPen! That being said you probably don’t know who I am or what the K even stands for?! That’s just one of life’s little mysteries…

I tend to help out all the Sales, Web and Marketing teams but everyone lends a hand when we need it. I love what I do, I get to think up cool Hogisms (HasselHog is my personal fav) and then try to tell you all about what we’re up to.

So what kind of things have I done for the merry Sozzle? Well last week I made HogBot, our resident Hogsozzle AI. You can talk to him, or more like you could talk to him until he ran out of funds. Now he says nothing the cheeky schwein! You could text it anything and it will send you back a Hogism, the time, the way to HogSozzle or even just tell you to “Get ridiculous!” I have a vision that HogBot will one day be able to guide you to our illustrious venue by only referencing turn signals or junction names by Pork Related interjections. Unfortunately, this has not materialised just yet.

This year I’ve taken a pretty active role in the new music stages. I for one am a bit of an alternative music fan, quite happy to listen to a head-bleeding grindcore ensemble or a string quartet rocking out to Chopin! This year I’m proud to have lined up some of my favourite artists including:

– The Golden Egg crew from Manchester’s deep Hip-Hop roots who will bring the Norfern twang;

– The DTND Crew which have created their own unique bass thumping Drum & Bass 170 bpm rhythms that will be sure to wobble the tent like jelly; and

– The SunnySide Up boys, again egg related, who will be playing soul and funk and disco.

I also started strong with the best act of the show, Me! I have prepared a 2h journey of a set through the realms of bass for all you 'Sozzlers on Friday night.

It’s been a long hard slog but I wouldn’t change it, or the team I work with, for the world. We’re one big squealing bunch of reprobates, and someone said we could throw a massive party for all you lot. Well that’s what we’re gonna do!

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  1. Florence
    Jul 23, 2016 - 04:32 PM

    The voice of raaltnoiity! Good to hear from you.


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