David Hasslehog

What part do you play in the wonderful world of HogSozzle? 

I am the Director in charge of Festival Content which includes over-seeing the music, creative and other festival content sub-teams. I also co-manage the budget and finances.

That sounds like a very important and professional job… Now share your most ridiculous HogSozzle story with us. We don’t judge, but we do tell porky pies…

My most ridiculous moment would be attempting to rap the Lonely Island ft Akon song ‘I just had sex’ in a guest appearance for Jon & Ollie at HS 3. I’m not holding my breath for a call back for this year’s set!

However, I think my favourite HogSozzle memory has to be finding a trapped Anthony curled up in a ball in the mesh netting of the chillout lounge at HS 1 looking exhausted and scared. This was then topped by hearing from people close by that he had been struggling to get out for half an hour with no success. Needless to say, we left him there.

We’re sure he found his way out eventually… and if not, we’ll see him again soon!

So, the Hog is an important part of the HogSozzle experience, but when you’re not tucking into a tasty hog roast, what’s your favourite pork-based snack?

Pork Pies!

Equally, the Sozzle is a sacred element of the festival. Do you have a favourite drinking game?

Double Deck Sh*thead (with at least 6 jokers) or ‘Munds Counting Game’.

The rules for Munds are:

1) The maximum number you can say is +1 of the number of players.

2) You can’t say a number that’s already been said in that round.

3) You can’t say a number +/- of the person before you.

If you mess up or take too long you have to drink. Then you add more rules.

It’s no secret that we’re big pig fans, but we welcome all livestock here at HogSozzle. What’s your favourite farmyard animal and why?

Cows because they give me steak and cheese! Nom nom nom.

Good call on the cattle! Finally, the Comedy Tent went down a treat last year, and it will be back to tickle many a rib in May 2014. Hit us with your best lame joke!

What’s the leading cause of dry skin in the UK…?

…A Towel!!


What did the cheese day to himself in the mirror…?


*Canned laughter*

You crack us up Hobbs! Now get back to important HogSozzle business!


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  1. Alison
    Mar 02, 2014 - 10:37 PM

    Terrible jokes but im


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