Simiah began listening to hip hop around age 11 and once he reached 14 he knew that he wanted to DJ. Simiah┬ástudied music for four years at college, and ended up in Nottingham studying it further, and that’s when he started getting on the beats. The biggest change in Simiah’s journey through hip hop was when he met DJ Pings, he was 16, and he showed Simiah a whole new world of hip hop that he never knew existed.

Simiah (Toby) has been a DJ for ten years now and making beats for about 5 years: “So far I’ve put out an album called ‘Purple Dreams’ on digital download and I’m about to put out ‘Lost In Time’ on vinyl (through KingUnderground Records), which will be a big accomplishment for me. I have put everything into making beats and I want to continue pushing the real sound and soul of hip hop as I feel it’s something that has changed the course of my life”


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