The great British BAKE-ON

Ant is the man behind the scenes at HogSozzle. His remit covers the Operations and production behind making this awesome dream of running a festival for 3 days, a reality. Ant’s is the superstar all rounder here at HogSozzle and is responsible for everything from the Website, to the logistics and planning behind the operations of the festival. You can often find him parading around the main site dressed in some ludicrously lavish sparkly attire. That being said, his dedication and fierce attention to detail are on the reasons that we continue to see growth year on year! Ant has a fantastic story about the time he dressed up as ‘White Swan’ for a Halloween party…Make sure you ask him about it when you see him on site!

Choice festival outfit: Sparkly leggings, a tutu, a glitter-beard and some form of DIY – main ensemble that ties in with the festival theme.

Favourite drink: Vodka/Rum Berocca

Festival pet hate: clothes from the ‘real world’

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