Babilondon is a London/based Reggae Roots band, and have been on the circuit since feb 2011!

The project was started by Zack Woolfson, whos always had a big passion for Roots and had some original songs he wanted to use. His love for Reggae is inspired by being born and raised in Portugal with a strong culture of sun, sea, and surf, and a reggae popularity (his first proper gigging band at the age of 16 was a roots reggae band).

His wonderful bandmates are all dear friends, as the whole band studied together upon arriving to London. They all have a special quirkiness, personality, and skill, which gives Babilondon a unique sound. Different rootical cultures include France, China, and Japan.

Getting ready to record a debut EP, with a couple gigs and festivals booked, they are ready to take on any audience, get them skanking, and have a good time!

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