Howdo!  Allow me to introduce my sen! I’m Ben Randm “A Master of the Bizzare Punchline” “a real star on a stratospheric rise” local Bradford astrologer “Certainly one to keep an eye out for” Gabrielle – (Dreams can come true..)  “very very quick” Morrison’s security guard  “Kills it everytime” Fly Squatter weekly

Me as a performer, I would describe my style as a full on energetic blast of quirky humour and bizarre quick wit!  The love I get from performing and interacting with the audience is beyond comparison and complements my style of highly infectious fun loving brashness when I’m up on stage!!  My sets are rock ‘n’ roll man! Refreshing, uplifting, relevent and as bizzare as they are hilariously memorable – Welcome to The Ben Randm Show 😀

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