Fusing musical elements from hip-hop and trip-hop through to dubstep and drum and bass, Silent City is a visceral and highly emotive forthcoming album from newcomer Black Square, featuring a wide range of guest vocalists including Sarah, Hezen, Eliza Shaddad, Grace Tither, MC Conrad, Ben Verse and recent Nile Rogers collaborator Joe Killington. Black Square is a new project from an established producer. Eschewing boundaries of genre, Silent City takes musical cues from a huge variety of influences, and moves through an assortment of tones and tempos over the course of 14 tracks.

The key strength of the album lies in the masterful blending of the harsh and the soft, the strong and the delicate, layering real, organic instruments like piano or strings over dark synthetic beats and tones, whist consistently maintaining a warm, lush aesthetic.

Even though the album is undoubtedly an electronic one, Black Square deliberately incorporated a more conventional song writing structure in many of the tracks.

Many of the groups and artists from whom he draws inspiration – Massive Attack, Lamb and Portishead amongst many others – could be considered songwriters who happen to operate in an electronic world rather than being a dance act.



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