I started my dj career like every other, in my bedroom! Well in fact my shed then my loft then even a cellar.My influence is from the back rooms, where you would find me in most clubs. I spent most of my time listening to the sample of a record and then hunting to find the original source. Many a charity shop have I frequented to find a rare throw away! It’s my innate obsession with the beginning and the end and the expectation from a tune that led me to my journey of my own re-edits and reworks and through this I have been fortunate to have been played on Stomp Radio, Real House FM, Starpoint Radio, Parisian Disco Station, A Kent Radio to name but a few.  I have featured in dance magazines in Norway and was in the top 5 featured disco producers. Infamous Brazilian DnB DJ Marky named me his number 2 producer on Societe Perrier.com.  Not only am I a veteran of spinning the decks, I am a veteran of war and as a result took career breaks to concentrate on work for her majesty the Queen. However, I am back with my first passion, MUSIC, and long may my journey continue. My music is about happiness and tunes to make a smile. It’s real without any synthetics. It’s about the love of uplifting and chilled out times. All in all, it’s about the atmosphere and getting your groove on!

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