Jimbo AKA Jimbizzle is veteran at the festival. His role covers the creative side of the festival supporting Anand and the team with the marketing activities, but primarily Jimbo is the man behind the Hog Roast at HogSozzle. A huge task every year to cook 2 giant hogs under tight time pressures and with managing a growing food production team, but year on year we have incredible feedback about the quality of the food and scale of the operation! Jimbo has a background in food, he is a top chef, and has run kitchens and food outfits for a number of years in Bristol and Brighton! At the festival you will find Jimbo owning the Hog / Cooking area and he is always more than happy to have a chat about how its going!

Choice festival outfit: The #FAMOUS Gorilla outfit!

Favourite drink: bourban sour

Festival pet hate: soggy wellies!

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