Jon and ollie album cover 

Jon and Ollie, Playing Music by the Seat of their Pants

“Jon and Ollie are the act I am most looking forward to this year, without a shadow of a doubt”- Ollie Healy

“I suppose they’re kind of OK, if you like that kind of thing” – James Hobbs

“Who are Jeff and Ollie?!” – Phil from Accounts

Jon and Ollie have been with HogSozzle since day one. Starting out as a small, off-the-cuff acoustic performance, they have grown over the years to become an inconsequential, extemporaneous unplugged phonic discharge. Previously found skulking in the shadows, they have now risen up and are ready to bathe you in their special brand of comedic folk-rock-jazz with the raw intensity of a 30W energy-saving light bulb from Ikea.

With a wide range of hilarious comedy songs that are guaranteed* to make you laugh out loud – Jon and Ollie play fast, loose and by the seat of their pants.

*Not a guarantee.



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