silence of the hams

Kyle gets things done!! A serious grafter who is involved as an all rounder within the festival team at HogSozzle. Kyle works closely with Anand on the digital marketing and social media, whilst also working with Ant from an operational perspective. Kyle LOVES music and definitely loves a beer or two! At the festival you will often see Kyle grooving away, front left of the stage, involved in managing the teams of volunteers and the general activities over the festival weekend. Kyle loves a good graft and is often the first one up, and the last one to bed at the festival! If you’re looking for a funny story ask Kyle about how he fell fast asleep, head first on a crate of ciders, fully clothes last year!

Choice festival outfit: matching top and bloomers outfits!

Favourite drink: Loves a local ale

Festival pet hate: falling asleep in a portaloo

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