Little Violet enters the electro-swing arena at the perfect time. Influenced by jazz diva Ella Fitzgerald and songwriter Hoagy Carmichael, her voice is laced with retro tones and the ability to recreate the golden age of swing. With an an impressive and authoritative control of the subtle nuances of jazz delivery, both live and in the studio, Little Violet always brings fun and energy to her music – her sound is truly quite unlike anything else.

In 2012, The Girls Are blog introduced Little Violet as ‘the latest electro-swing sensation’. Two years later, the sense that she’s about to make her mark on the scene is almost tangible with organiser of 2014’s Swingamajig Festival – the UK’s first festival dedicated to Electro Swing – asserting that she have the ‘potential to go huge this year’.

Hailing from a musical clan who, in her own words, were often described as ‘Teeside’s very own Von Trapp family’, Little Violet was brought up listening to the jazz greats. Together with her band, the singer has thus created an original catalogue of songs that pays homage to the great kings and queens of jazz music, whilst sounding both fresh and exciting with the ability, she asserts, ‘to introduce new music lovers to a genre which will never go out of style’.

Innovation is key to the sound of Little Violet who fuses retro sounds with drum ‘n’ bass, reggae, and dubstep, and recognition of the singer and band’s talent in creating such an eclectic sound is substantial. Music Blanche state that ‘the most remarkable thing about Little Violet is how they convey the dense, produced sound of their records in a live setting’ whilst electro-swing and giant Gramaphonedzie has commended them on their ‘sparkling and catchy sound… delivered with professionalism and sass by the glamourous Little Violet’. Genre pioneer Nick Hollywood is also among her fans and says: ‘Her voice is rare and I was so lucky to work with such quality and well-recorded music parts. You can’t go wrong with Little Violet!!’

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