LOSTBOYBEAT is the baby of Essex/London based DJ Jama who never fails to provide anything less than a 100% energy-fuelled live show, always with a bumpy old school vibe with a few newer bangers thrown in the mix.

Jama’s selections over the years have consisted of garage, house, hiphop, electro, dubstep, d’n’b, breaks, hardcore and everything in between…

With over 10 years experience DJ’ing all over the place in clubs, bars, festivals, parties and radio with such names as DJ EZ, Artful Dodger, Pied Piper, Scott Garcia, Loose Cannons, Neve, So Solid Crew, Sparks & Kie, PushMusic to mention just a few…

Other than drawing large crowds into the Hog House at last years festival, Lostboybeat has recently played Vinyl Revivals, Kisstory and Passion nights as well as the DMC championships to name a few.


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