‘Matt Gray is a house music obsessor with releases on Elite Records, Re:Tweak, Lost My Dog and a forthcoming EP on Inside Out Records. A classical and jazz trained musician turned house and techno aficionado, he draws inspiration from a wide range of musical forms. His sound is therefore varied but centers around his own unique blend of deep, grooving underground house (and sometimes shades of techno) music. This is influenced heavily by the early 90’s sounds of Chicago, New York, Detroit and the British acid house movement, with the occasional nod towards disco, funk, dub and even the odd jazz solo thrown in, harking back to his rich and varied musical education.  He’s also making waves on the club scene with monthly residencies at Bar Vinyl, The Shoreditch, ‘The Function’ and ‘Shambles’, along with a string of guest appearances at various venues around the UK and Ibiza. <p><p> His DJ sets are also testament to the diversity of his musical background. He regularly plays six-hour sets, taking the audience on a journey from down-tempo funk and disco vibes through to house and sometimes to more techno orientated sounds when the time is right. It is through this that he has gained the ability to be able to come on as a guest DJ at any time of the day or night, and captivate a crowd of party people, keeping them moving until any time of the day or night, with his beloved house music being the dominant underlying force.

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