BIO – Proud to say an international MC, performing all over the globe with DJ’s of all bass born genres from Dillina to Zinc, Logan Sama to Marcus Nasty, Loefah to Plastician, Kissy Sell Out to Rudimental iv done it all. Its not a case of which DJ’s I HAVE had the privilege of hosting sets with, but more which DJ’s HAVNT I hosted a set for! Iv come a long way and now stand beside artists I grew up listening to and I have no intention of stopping, the motion is forward.

Rave born MC and host, I developed my writing and call myself a lyricist. Tracks iv written to and put out have made it all the way to BBC Radio 1 and many other main stream radio stations a fair few times and no doubt will continue doing so. And of course never turning down an opportunity to jump on pirate radio whenever they come around.

Always doing it for the love and fortunate enough to have progressed enough to actually making a living off my skills, I will always be doing this, and look forward to the rest of the journey – coz its been a maad one so far! 😉

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