Singer/songwriter Melodi Hadebe inherited her musical interest and talent from her father Jerome, a poet and a singer/songwriter himself. Her music fuses her background of acoustic music with her love & passion for drum & bass. Driving shuffle beats, classic iconic harmony and captivating melodies equal a truly original sound.

Melodi was originally named Amelia up until she was 5 months old, when she began to mimic her mother singing. Her mother would sing simple motherlike songs to her and one day Melodi started singing the notes back! Still incapable of saying any words, Melodi preferred singing. Her mother felt that ‘Amelia’ never quite fit, her father suggested the name ‘Melodi’ and Melodi she became.

‘Melodi EP’ will be available to pre-order on iTunes from 1st January 2015, followed by worldwide release to all major digital music stores on 2nd February 2014.

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