A lot can happen in ten years. Milk goes off, half the decent pop stars die and we have become uglier (some of us more than others).

So to cheer ourselves up during such difficult times, we all had a few drinks which left us feeling a little bit randy and desperate. Things progressed naturally and we are now very proud to say that we brought Micron back to celebrate our 10th Birthday and beyond!

In case you didn’t know, Micron (AKA the Wonky Disco) did all sorts of fun things in Manchester, breathing life into the (then) slew of serious chin stroke, and inspiring a whole bunch of amazing parties since. For ten years, we have bounced every venue in the city to pieces and did the same all over the UK and bits of Europe, right to the middle of Russia. Da!

In case you did know, you already know, so you know. And that’s all you need to know. Obv.

If all those words in a row so far mean nothing to you, try the different (although related) words below. If you buzz off of those, you will buzz off of our parties. (If not, there is probably something wrong with your ears and/or brains).

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