“Sh!ts ‘n’ G!ggles” takes place ‘on the first Wednesday of Every Month’ in Leeds City Centre, and in Leeds and at Bradford Student Union ever Saturday.

Sh!ts ‘n’ G!ggles continues to grow successfully in gaining popularity around the region helping us get bigger in stature and build on our momentum enormously.

The brands main objective is to drive comedy as a positive instrument giving it the platform to offer and express opinion on everyday social issues and intimate topics that, without the power of humour; are often either overlooked, suppressed, naively misunderstood or which are noticed and duly noted but not discussed out-loud, like the ‘elephant in the room’ scenario.

Our culture is set up to allow new and up-coming aspiring comedians the opportunity to step out on stage and develop their styles finding their voice, alongside adapting to the crowd environment offering an ideal platform to develop their stage presence and confidence. The beauty of this has been unearthing some absolute gems and seeing them blossom as performers!

We also cater for established acts to trial brand new material as well as mastering their routines, which not only gives us a great depth and wide scope to currate prolific line-ups consistently from – it’s also earned us the respect of the local circuit.

We scout and invite acts from all over the country, although always ensure we have a regional presence performing at each event as this ensures a fresh mix of tones and dialects features with the talent on show.

Our goal is to reach more people in various towns and cities connecting with all walks of life engaging and sharing our belief that WE ARE ALL ONE OF THE SAME AND CAN FREELY LAUGH AT EACH OTHER WITHOUT FEAR OF CAUSING OFFENCE! – WE ARE WHO WE ARE & THAT’S A BEAUTIFUL REALISATION and comedy is our way of expressing this to its fullest and finest resonance!


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