We don’t care what they* say. Ski lodges are for all seasons, not just for winter, and something as trivial as a total lack of snow shouldn’t stop us frequenting our favourite Hertfordshire based, ski-themed drinking establishment. After all, HogSozzle embraces the ridiculous, so leave the sensible alter egos at home and join us for a hilltop swill.

A popular haunt for all HogSozzlers, this onsite bar is perfectly placed, offering panoramic views of the campsite, main stage and the glorious Hertfordshire countryside, famous for its outstanding hedgerows and local deer population. The best part is, the Sozzle Lodge doesn’t enforce a snooty dress code, so you go ahead and wear your most outrageous wellies-onesie combo. We dare you!

So come on up and feel like you’re on the slopes without all that chilly white stuff slowing you down. It’s the perfect spot to watch the sun set over the festival before the evening festivities get started. Open until 3am, there’s plenty of time to grab that all important early morning beverage before heading back to camp for a well-deserved snooze. The Lodge reopens at 11am each day in time for the music and mayhem to begin again.

There’s a wide variety of beverages on offer, from local ales to Jaeger Bombs, with special HogSozzle deals on certain tipples, including 2-4-1 on Sambuca shots. The Ski Lodge accepts tokens which can be purchased next door, so there’s no need to worry about counting out all that pesky change as you decide. Putting the ‘sozzle’ in HogSozzle, here’s a small sample menu to give you a flavour of what will be available at the Lodge:

Lager, Cider, Local ales, Spirits and mixers, Jaeger Bombs, Sambuca shots, soft drinks.

Make mine a double!

*a bunch of ill-informed gossipmongers, as elusive as they are opinionated. Not to be trusted!



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