SGA was first founded in 2003 as a 4 piece with the founding members of Rich, Lee, Sean and Andy, who were all friends at the same school, originally wanting to imitate their heroes of the punk world. The band started off with literally no musical knowledge on their instruments and set about developing rapidly to become an enthusiastic young band with bags of potential.  The band had teething problems early on with the drummer wanting to branch into a different musical direction. Unfortunately this resulted in Andy leaving the band.  After weeks of searching for a new drummer Rich asked his brother Stu to step up to the mark, again setting out with no musical knowledge on his instrument. Stu turned out to become a fantastic option developing more unconventional beats and creativity due to him being completely self-taught.

In 2004 after playing their first gig the band took its first steps towards becoming a ska band. It became apparent that Rich also had talent on brass instruments and had friends who could easily join and fit into a brass section line up. The band took on its first ‘ska apprentice’ in the form of Josh who plays trumpet. This was the complete set up for a few years until the band decided to push on into the world of ska and develop further, adding to the brass section Joe on Alto Sax, Simon on Trombone and Sam on Tenor Sax with candidates for other instruments being lost and found along the way playing many gigs with quite a few different line-ups. The band also brought in Ollie on bass when fans favourite Eddie left the band.

Our music is a mix of catchy ska riffs and fast-paced, solid beats, and we always try and get the fans dancing. We are enthusiastic, friendly and a sure fire way to lighten up the mood and put a smile on faces in any venue.

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