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The DEAD KINGS were formed as a meeting of minds between Seymour, owner and organiser of ‘Golden Egg’, a monthly hip hop night in Manchester UK, and Pete Obsolete, brand owner of Obsolete Clothing and Illustrator/Creative Director for many of Manchesters Hip Hop families. From both of them having had 10 fingers and toes in the scene for the past 5 years, this steadily became an organic collaboration. Seymour’s political stances and Obsolete’s anti-establishment ideologies were a perfect match, as well as the lyricism and flow having both difference and symmetry.

Firm favourite DJ at Golden Egg, NCK, was brought on side not only for his technical skill, but to bring his talents to the stage. Together, they are the DEAD KINGS, a shared mentality towards expressionism and opinion, with Seymour’s effervescent word play not only standing apart from Obsolete’s penmanship and flow, but also emphasising it. With a number of producers already working with the DEAD KINGS including Pro P, Mankub, Blu Beatz, Sparkz (Mouse Outift), Aver (Dayse & Aver) and Kydro, let alone the ever-extending list of local and international MC’s for future collaborations, the DEAD KINGS are here.

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