Welcome to 2014’s shiny happy Hog Blog, here to keep you up to date with all things HogSozzle. We can’t wait to roll around in all that muddy, musical loveliness again this May Bank Holiday, and to make sure we’re delivering the goods, we’re packing more punch (and more pork!) than ever before.

We’ll be back on Friday 23 May, for three days of festival fun and general tomfoolery. Until then we’ll be sharing regular bite size snacks to whet your appetites… unless of course it’s top secret HS business, in which case, snouts out please!

So what can you expect to experience at HogSozzle this year?

a)      A torrent of live music and comedy from a diverse bunch of emerging artists

b)      Costume competitions and (friendly) paint-fuelled combat

c)       Random acts of ridiculousness

d)      One heck of a tasty hog roast

It’s a tough one, isn’t it? It’s also a trick question; the answer is, of course, all of the above, you lucky lot! Here at HogSozzle HQ, with your help, we’ve been working tirelessly to perfect the formula for the ultimate festival weekend. After years of hard work and very scientific research, we decided that only a combination of A, B, C and D would do.

We checked in with Mr HogSozzle to see how this year’s festivities are shaping up.

So what’s in store for this year’s HogSozzlers?

This year’s festival is going to be immense!  We will be building on the success of 2013 thanks to everyone’s feedback.  A new chill out area, the yurt, will be made available 24/7 which includes a bar comedy and that perfect place to meet new people.  There is going to be more variety in the house of hog, with each day having a different musical focus and we have many more toilets on order.

From a back garden in Nottingham to the official HS site in Hertfordshire… HogSozzle is a very well-travelled festival. Have you finally found the perfect pigpen? 

Yes! Finally!  We have a home.  Near Stevenage, Herts, this site is fun by like-minded festival people.  It is fun, quirky and has fantastic features ranging from a ski lodge bar to a cheeky helicopter.   Being only 30 minutes away from Kings Cross is a huge bonus for everyone travelling.  It is even reachable just for the night for those with a busy bank holiday weekend schedule.

Finally, what’s best on a bacon butty?

Oo.  Touch question.  It depends on whether we can include sausage, egg and hashbrown?  No… for the purist, on sliced tiger loaf just butter and ketchup it has to be!

Early bird tickets are £49Get 'em while they are still hot

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