Hogsozzle is many things to many people and its tough to get across what it is and what it means, but here’s a video and some information that tries to clear all that up.


  • A festival full of fun and flavour!!!”HogSozzle

  • The down to earth party vibe!”HogSozzle

  • A pig a day keeps the party in sway”HogSozzle

  • like spending a weekend in magic roundabout”HogSozzle

  • A plethora of characters and personalities but every single one was sound as f**k.”HogSozzle

  • proper euphoric, mind boggling s**t.”HogSozzle


  • An amazingly wicked weekend of ridiculousness which will keep me smiling all year!”HogSozzle

  • fun and friendliness with a hint of ridiculous”HogSozzle

  • It was like entering a mini world of craziness and friendliness that plays good music for the weekend!”HogSozzle

  • A genuine gem that had me smiling and laughing the whole time I was their”HogSozzle

  • I wish I was the hog getting spit roasted by Team Ridiculous!”HogSozzle

  • Friendliest, most ridiculous, sozzletastic festival around, bring on Hogsozzle”HogSozzle

  • i found myself at hog sozzle, it changed me forever”HogSozzle

  • Pleasant people, passionate partying, pigs pigment and pumping music”HogSozzle

  • Embalmment of innovation and festival lifestyle that was fun and very affordable, a true alternative to the BIG festivals”HogSozzle

  • An unusual weekend were you can leave all worries at the door and enjoy the company of like minded people and good music”HogSozzle

MeAt the team

Team Ridiculous have set out to create a weekend of fun away from the city to reunite old friends and make some new ones on the way, but who the devil are they?

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