The annual piggy paint fight is back by popular demand. Those new to this particular HogSozzle tradition may wonder how it all works; we have a few tricks up our sleeves to make this years the biggest yet, but here’s a sneaky peek at last year’s shenanigans.

Once all willing victims participants were penned safely inside the designated paint area (voluntarily, we assure you!), members of the HogSozzle team positioned themselves strategically around the perimeter. What followed was an agonising wait as the tension built. Heart rates rose. Breathing quickened. Finally, when the troops could bear it no longer, hundreds of bags of multi-coloured powder paint were flung into the herd.

Then all hell broke loose.

There was a desperate rush and a sudden roar as the mob came to life. Lifelong friends turned on each other as they scrambled on the ground in search of ammunition. Strangers clashed in kaleidoscope clouds as paint rained down around them.

Sound good? Of course it does! So here are a few handy tips to see you through…

For those taking part, make sure you wear white as it shows off the vibrant powder paint the best. We also recommend dressing in your best scruffs, as you will get covered in various shades of paint; it’s unavoidable, not to mention the whole point. The paint should come out in the washing machine, but just in case, your mother’s vintage wedding dress probably isn’t the best choice of attire (but ridiculous outfits are encouraged).

Delighted screaming is understandably a natural reaction for anyone taking part in this fun-filled activity, but we do recommend closing your mouth as handfuls of powder paint are lobbed mercilessly into your face. We also recommend wearing sunglasses/swimming goggles/ski masks*… whichever you’re most comfortable in.

Those uneasy with confined spaces, sweaty bodies, chasing, being chased or random paint-fuelled attacks probably shouldn’t join in. Luckily, spectating is just as enjoyable!

*Please note, the Ski Lodge Bar does not stock ski equipment. We will, however, be selling official HogSozzle sunglasses in a variety of groovy (yes, we said it!) colours, so join the gang and treat yourselves to a pair of nifty shades!

Turn the sound up and immerse yourself in the HogSozzle Paint Fight. Filmed on a Go Pro and kindly shared by a HogSozzler

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